Whether it’s straining hard to disprove Avengers: Endgame fan theories or touring ancient and exotic movie locations in the Middle East, Josh Brolin is a guy who isn’t afraid of getting down and dirty with a little video DIY. And thanks to his quick trigger finger with the phone cam, now we have a neat early glimpse at one of the sand-strewn settings for the hugely anticipated Dune remake. Brolin, who’s playing Atreides family warmaster Gurney Halleck in the remake, shared a clip from the Dune set in Jordan, describing the evocative desert landscape at Wadi Rum as “Peaceful, quiet, ominous” – and, as you can see below, beautiful. Filming on Dune began in March, with the movie slated for a late-2020 release. From Star Trek: Discovery to the actual stars: Jason Isaacs, Cpt. Lorca on the CBS All Access hit, reportedly will be hosting a new sky-eyed docu-series that tackles the strange-but-true stories of humanity’s faltering first steps to venture beyond our own atmosphere. Via Deadline, Isaacs and Britain’s Alaska TV have partnered to create Jason Isaacs: Space, described as “Stories of skulduggery and war in space over the last 70 years.” Merging unscripted interviews and narration with dramatic recreations of events, the show reportedly will “Feature stories from the U-2 to Reagan’s Star Wars, as well as the billionaire-funded space race featuring the likes of Elon Musk and Richard Branson,” all the way through the Trump Administration’s present-day effort to deploy a new Space Force military branch. “I’ve been lucky enough to captain a Starship, fly through a black hole to hell and save the world from a giant asteroid. Mostly it’s gone wrong for me, of course, but fake space has been fun,” he said. “Luckily, because of the doors that have been open to me, I know that exploring the real people, the real secrets, the real space wars will be more incredible, more dramatic and more surprising than any story Hollywood can tell… I’ll be telling the stories you never normally hear and asking the questions that we all normally shout at the screen. What could possibly go wrong?”.

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