For those who need their fix more than once a week, Netflix has you covered with a selection of fantasy films to satisfy all your sword-swinging, dragon-swooping, royal-infighting needs. It’s not always easy to wade through the many films on Netflix, especially when the streaming service has a lot of lesser-known, but still good, fantasy films to offer. Let’s be honest: There are also a lot of not-so-great fantasy films out there, and a good amount of them are on Netflix. We’ve gone over all the fantasy and sword films on Netflix, and ranked them by their Rotten Tomatoes scores. We’ve included films under the broad “Fantasy” umbrella, as well as a few sci-fi films that have that Game-of-Thrones-y, sword-fighting vibe to them. Of course, critical acclaim isn’t everything, especially when it comes to a genre that’s been historically disliked by top film critics. Check out these 17 fantasy and sword films on Netflix that were a hit with critics.

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