With intentions on making comic book history, Boom! Studios is reviving the charismatic vampire with a soul by releasing Angel #0, an unannounced spinoff series arriving Apr. Penned by the Hill with art from Gleb Melnikov, then accented with creative input from writer/director Joss Whedon, this is the first Angel release following Boom!’s recent acquisition of the comic book and graphic novel licensing rights to expand the mythology created in TV, novels, and beyond. Angel is the cursed vampire who’s spent centuries protecting Mankind from all manner of creatures that lurk in the shadows. Comic books are normally solicited to retailers months in advance, but the clandestine existence of Angel #0 was kept a guarded secret by Boom! to create an unexpected Apr. Actor David Boreanaz inhabited the role of Angel in the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series, then went solo for the Angel spinoff. SYFY WIRE chatted with Hill and Schaefer on this surprise offering and learned what fans can expect as Angel arises in his new monthly series beginning in May. How did this Angel spinoff originate and what grabbed you about the character? That’s an enduring aspect of life and almost more relevant now than it was when the character of Angel first appeared in popular culture.

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