The Right Hand of Doom is set to descend on New York City this afternoon as the reignited Hellboy feature film directed by Neil Marshall and starring David Harbour scores its world premiere from Lionsgate Films. To stave off the boredom until the weekend arrives, SYFY WIRE has the next best thing to a red-carpet gala in the Big Apple in the form of a blistering sneak peek at Dark Horse Books’ upcoming Hellboy: The Art of the Motion Picture. Arriving in stores today in the scorching wake of Big Red’s $85 million Hollywood redux, this beautiful 200-page hardcover collects a dozen chapters of breathtaking concept art, costume design, character sketches, lavish illustrations, and behind-the-scenes set photography to deliver an intimate look at one of this year’s most eagerly anticipated dark fantasy movies. Dark Horse’s vivid Hellboy coffee table book contains nearly one thousand pieces of engaging art and photography in brilliant underworld color. This satisfying volume offers an insider’s look at the careful crafting of the reimagined big screen spectacle based on the long-running Dark Horse comic. Hellboy showcases a stellar cast including Harbour, Milla Jovovich, Ian McShane, and Daniel Dae Kim. Heat up your spring with our exclusive descent into the pages of Hellboy: The Art of the Motion Picture in the full gallery below.

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