Compromise is the word of the day as Oliver and the gang becomes immersed into the rules and protocol world of the SCPD. It’s a tough transition for our Team Arrow vigilantes but one that they, after a few missteps, navigate well enough that their effectiveness is not fully handcuffed by the rule of law. Despite how outlandish this Team Arrow/SCPD partnership is, the progression of Oliver and the others towards becoming a legitimate force on the city plays into Oliver’s own desires to not only make the city safer for he and Felicity’s developing sprog, but also their ability to build a life that’s no longer about living in the shadows. With such a ho-hum bad guy plotline, the one thing that makes “Training Day” passable is the back-and-forth conflict between Team Arrow trying to accommodate the rules of the SCPD and Dinah’s attempts to enforce said rules. Sure, it’s all wrapped up by the end of the episode but her predicament isn’t short-changed and as she finds her way, Team Arrow discovers their own way. Nota Bene.While the loss of Ricardo Diaz is nothing to cry about, Bronze Tiger’s information that Emiko was behind it forces Laurel to confront Oliver’s half-sister. Though the two don’t come to blows, Emiko drops her own truth bomb when Laurel threatens to out her: she knows that Laurel isn’t the original Earth-One version, calling her out as Black Siren. Yes, Team Arrow knows this but if the truth was whispered into the right ears, Laurel could face some serious repercussions.

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