Good Omens has almost been adapted a few times over the years, most notably when Terry Gilliam tried to make a feature film version of it in the aughts. That wasn’t meant to be, but what we ended up getting had co-creator Neil Gaiman having a heavy hand in how the adaptation of his project turned out. My time with Gaiman and Jon Hamm, who plays Archangel Gabriel in this end of days fantasy story, was focused mostly on the troubled journey bringing Good Omens to screens, a bittersweet experience for Gaiman who had to do it without his co-author Terry Pratchett, who sadly passed away in 2015. The chat began simply with Gaiman reading the label of the bottled water offered to us just as I sat down. He does it in the most Neil Gaiman way possible. Gaiman: You know, the funny thing about Good Omens is it never perceptibly set the world on fire as a book. Every copy of Good Omens gets read by five or ten people and then falls apart.

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