Apple sent out invites for a March 25 press event where it’s expected to unveil video streaming and news services. Apple has no such qualms; there’s simply too big a profit margin in software and services. The company has invested billions in original content over the past few years to stock its forthcoming video streaming service with original movies, series, and plenty of star power to sell consumers on paying for yet another monthly subscription. Yesterday, Apple sent out invites for an “Apple special event” at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino on March 25, where the company is widely expected to unveil its long-awaited streaming video service. Everything will be viewable within the iOS TV app; iOS and Apple TV users will get access to Apple’s original content for free, at least to start. Apple aims to bring an App Store-like gatekeeper approach to controlling streaming content on iOS devices, taking a 30 percent cut on every streaming app subscription through its service. The tech giant is demanding up to 50 percent from news publishers for its subscription Apple News service, The Wall Street Journal reports.

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