With a rapidly-modernizing film industry noted for recent hits that raked in box office revenues, China’s top filmmakers may finally be learning what it takes to spin a good yarn. “China’s film industry has very talented, creative people and great directors. As they gain experience and pick our brains, you’ll see them produce more films with the look and feel of Hollywood movies,” Arthur Sarkissian, A-List producer of the “Rush Hour” franchise and “The Foreigner” told Xinhua. When Guo studied at Paramount Studios, home of the mega-successful Star Trek franchise, he was stunned at the advanced level of Hollywood’s sci-fi film production capabilities, which enable the studios to churn out blockbusters in under two years, while it took more than four years to make his film in China. Xinhua caught up with film industry insiders at the recent yearly “China Night Oscar-Viewing Gala” hosted in Hollywood by the American-Chinese CEO Society. “Hollywood is the movie capital of the world and offers so much expertise and creativity. Because of the high growth rate of the box office in China, China’s film industry wants to learn from Hollywood,” Robert Sun, founder and CEO of the ACCS, told Xinhua in an exclusive interview. Arguably one of the best films in the world in the past decade,” said Brad Parks, chairman of the rebooted Hollywood Film Festival, which co-hosted the American premier of Wen’s film along with the International Cultural Collaborative, a Chinese-American cultural organization based in Los Angeles. “This is a groundbreaking film in the Chinese film industry,” SK Global’s Li told Xinhua.

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