Debuting on February 5, the Chinese New Year’s Day, the blockbuster topped the holiday box office, raking in 1,918 million yuan as of press time, according to statistics from Maoyan, one of China’s biggest online ticketing platforms. Analysts and moviegoers noticed the differences between this Chinese sci-fi epic and Hollywood movies, which are both about “People’s adventures and heroics in unfamiliar outer space,” moviegoer Diao Honglin told the Global Times on Sunday. Wolf Warrior is a popular 2015 Chinese military action movie. Chinese moviegoers have been looking forward to a good-quality domestic sci-fi film, especially after sci-fi novels by Chinese authors have won international recognition and awards, Shi said. It is not perfect, but far beyond my expectation of a domestic sci-fi film, Zhao said, mentioning a scene when the Earth is slowly propelled away from the moon, which usually represents homesickness and nostalgia in Chinese culture. Chinese virtues such as self-sacrifice, a sense of duty, and loyalty were behind the futuristic setting and communicated well to domestic audience, which tells us “Sci-fi stories ultimately discuss social issues of ethics and civilization,” Zhuang Xihai, a former TV host and producer, told the Global Times on Sunday. Newspaper headline: Sci-fi blockbuster thrills audiences.

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