When you think of large-scale science-fiction “Blockbuster” type movies, the Unites State film market is the clear dominating creative force, followed by several other countries to much lesser degrees. British films come to mind, and in recent decades the Russian film scene has come up with some rather, shall we say, unique and over-the-top ideas for genre films. As large as their film and entertainment production work is, has never been a major player in the blockbuster sci-fi film arena. The central conceit of the film, based on a 2005 short story by Chinese author Cixin Liu, is impressive in its out-there sci-fi scale: scientists make the discovery that the Sun will soon turn into a red giant and swallow the solar system in its expansion, so an ambitious plan is launched to install gigantic engines into the Earth’s core to adjust her rotation, launch the planet out of the solar system, and head towards the star Proxima Centauri where a new “Home system” can be safely established. I hope to see the film myself soon to judge for myself – and if I do, expect a review here on ScienceFiction.com so you all can be informed as well! ” is a new challenge for the Chinese film industry. I am also very concerned about the box office earnings, which will affect the investment situation of [future] Chinese science fiction films.

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