Take a look at 15 wild fictional predictions that have come true. Though engineers were working on developing this technology in the 1960s, it took Motorola until 1973 to debut the world’s first mobile phone. Though Euclideon’s invention has been met with some scepticism, but New Atlas reported in November 2018 that the company is moving forward with bringing the hologram technology to market. Rosalind Williams, a historian of technology at MIT, told National Geographic that Nautilus is not that different from modern submarines, such as a 1960s vessel called Alvin that ran on lead-acid batteries. Two decades after Brave New World came out, scientists began researching antidepressants. As scientists came to better understood the connection between chemicals in the brain and depression, they discovered new drugs to help people. In a New York Times essay, Asimov imagined visiting a World’s Fair 50 years in the future.

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