If there’s anything that co-creators Kyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffir love more than the ’80s, it’s hard to tell from watching the show’s first season. Now that Season 2 has finally landed at Hulu, fans may already be hoping for news on whether Future Man will be getting a third crack at finding that elusive cure that saves the world. The showrunners recently told Metro they don’t know the answer yet – but they sound eager to dive back into executive producer Seth Rogen’s irreverent flavor of sci-fi slapstick, saying they have a Marty McFly-worthy road map for where they’d want to take the show in Season 3. “We actually have a pretty good idea of how the entire structure of next season might go if we get another season,” Hunter said. “We’ve always leaned heavily into the nostalgia of some of our favorite sci-fi movies and TV shows, the ones that we’ve grown up with. Back to the Future is one of the big ones. So we might just follow that trilogy and spend some time in the Old West next season. Who knows?”. Wilson, whose all-in performance as Wolf made him a Season 1 fan favorite, said the creative team has shared its Season 3 ideas, and – hachi machi! – the cast is”Gung ho for it.” Warp over to Hulu now to catch Wolf, Tiger, and Josh as they hopelessly – and hilariously – grope their way through Season 2’s trippy new timeline.

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