Though we had mixed feelings about Discovery’s first season, we enjoyed the hell out of the “Short Treks” mini-episodes that were released in the lead-up to season two. Just as The Magicians’ Questers managed to finally restore magic to the greater world and save Fillory in the process, the show’s third season left them all wiped of their memories of their former lives and reborn as completely new, magic-less people totally unaware of their true identities. The fantasy juggernaut bids farewell with a six-episode season that will include White Walkers and the armies of Westeros engaging in the show’s ultimate, all-out epic battle-plus, we hope, some semblance of closure for everyone. Many of the show’s original characters are gone, replaced by new characters, as well as the integration of Lennie James’ Morgan from The Walking Dead. Season five will see their story continue on, as the legacy of The Walking Dead continues. Lo and behold, the BBC is turning it into a fantasy adventure series with at least two seasons guaranteed. With Netflix slowly chipping away at its Marvel TV universe, it’s hard to say how this season’s story is going to end. The Tick We simply loved the first season of Amazon’s reboot of The Tick, and though it’s been quite the wait, we can’t wait to see what season two has in store for the world of Arthur Everest.

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