With recent Marvel soundtracks enjoying vinyl-collector levels of popularity, we’ve decided to revisit some of the best song collections in modern sci-fi films. Some of these entries occupy the murky space between “Soundtrack” and “Score,” but each one made the list because of how important the presence of music is to the narrative or overall vibe of the film. In keeping with the film’s riot grrrl-esque aesthetic, the soundtrack was arranged by Hole singer Courtney Love and was noted at the time of its release for garnering better reviews than the film itself. The film’s most famous number, “The Diva Dance,” is probably the best example of diegetic music in any sci-fi film this side of the cantina sequence on Mos Eisley. The unsettlingly believable dystopia of Alfonso Cuarón’s film is brought to life in part because of its soundtrack, which ranges from the cheeky “Throwback to 2003” moment featuring The Kills to Michael Caine’s “Zen music” air-guitaring along to Aphex Twin. The feel-good soundtrack is more than just a refreshing twist on the standard orchestral scores of most films set in outer space; it illustrates the empathetic link between Quill and the alien cast of characters around him. While “All the Stars” is easily the biggest hit, it’s the closing track that best captures the emotion and energy of the blockbuster film.

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