2019 is nearly here, but today we’d like to focus on one small sliver of the impending new year: Hulu’s impressive crop of programming planned for the month of January. The green streamer is adding a whole bunch of new movies and TV shows in the coming days, so without any further ado, we’ll clue you into a select few that you truly need to see. Hulu’s single most exciting addition comes to us from the realm of television, and it’s no less than Paste’s top show of 2018: season two of FX’s must-watch dramedy Atlanta, aka Atlanta Robbin’ Season. If you’ve somehow missed it until now, season one is currently streaming on Hulu, so make sure to get caught up before Robbin’ Season arrives on Jan. 1, 2019. Before you do that you’ll want to stick around to see what other TV is on the way in January, including season 11 of Fox’s The X-Files, the first season of AMC’s “Quietly extraordinary” Lodge 49, season two of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s uproarious sci-fi comedy Future Man, premiere episodes of beloved NBC comedies Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Good Place, the mid-season three premiere of powerhouse family drama This Is Us, season two of IFC’s underrated comedy Brockmire, the complete first season of ITV drama Butterfly and a whole lot more. Most of these films hit on the first of the month, including late-’90s Pixar counter-programming Antz, Oscar-winning animal adventure Babe, Tim Burton’s iconic creepy comedy Beetlejuice, beloved sci-fi comedy Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, classic Jack Nicholson-starring detective drama Chinatown, the 2004 film adaptation of Friday Night Lights, Werner Herzog documentary Grizzly Man, cult-classic black comedy Heathers, actioner Lethal Weapon, epic rom-com Love Actually, 1984 kids fantasy film The Neverending Story, Oscar-winning Tom Cruise/Dustin Hoffman drama Rain Man, Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring sci-fi satire The Running Man, all-star animated epic Shrek, Paul Verhoeven’s sci-fi blockbuster Total Recall and, uh the Twilight movies. That’s just for starters-coming later in January are Gotham Award-nominated 2018 comedy Support the Girls, animated family feature Sherlock Gnomes, one of 2018’s finest films in Alex Garland’s gorgeous and horrifying adaptation of Annihilation, Jaume Collet-Serra’s Liam Neeson-starring action-thriller The Commuter, acclaimed Yayoi Kusama documentary Kusama – Infinity and affecting Gilda Radner documentary Love, Gilda, among others.

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