Last year was a rollercoaster for the TV and movie industries, yet despite all the scandals, major movements, and business shake-ups, one thing is still apparently clear, Sci-Fi is scorching hot at the moment. On the big screen, Star Wars continues to break records, but it is on the small screen is where it’s really happening. Star Trek is back with its strongest series since Deep Space Nine, Doctor Who has been hitting peak levels, and new kids on the block like The Handmaiden’s Tale took the awards scene by storm, while Stranger Things and Outlander became a pop-culture phenomenon. This is a large step considering Sci-Fi TV was niche viewing not too far back. With such great quantity comes just as many unsung products, and there are unfortunately plenty of those now too. The recent axing of the undervalued Sci-Fi shows like Dirk Gently: Holistic Detective Agency and Wayward Pines should be taken as a big old red flag of what happens when something worthwhile doesn’t find its audience. So let’s give these current shows their due – before it’s too late.

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