The holiday season has officially arrived, and with it comes a whole lot of fresh sci-fi fare across all your favorite streaming shows. Netflix’s big genre releases this month include the third season of the time traveling-adventure Travelers, the Christmas special for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the streaming debut of Avengers: Infinity War. NETFLIX. HIGHLIGHTS. Happy! Season 1: The first season of SYFY’s comic-based dark-dramedy series is about to be bingeable. Travelers Season 3: The third season of Netflix’s Travelers continues the twisty adventure of a team of time-traveling heroes sent back to the present to try and save the future. With the third season coming, it’s the perfect time to catch up. The show inspired countless imitators and helped establish a lot of the action beats we see every day on TV. Runaways Season 2 Premiere: It might not get the buzz of a Daredevil or Jessica Jones, but Hulu’s Runaways is definitely holding its own. Season 2 really picks up in the meat of the comic storyline, and should hold plenty of action.

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