Sinclair’s TBD plucks content off the web that is certainly “Original” to traditional TV viewers. My own favorite original diginet content had been the historic newsmagazine series, “Through the Decades,” on CBS/Weigel’s Decades, but since the CBS-owned stations in September strangely dropped their own diginet in favor of yet another rerun network, Weigel’s Start TV, I’ve been unable to watch Decades. My favorite original diginet series is now “Svengoolie,” airing Saturdays at 8 p.m. ET on Weigel’s Me TV. Granted, “Svengoolie” is not entirely original. Such lead-outs – and lead-ins – to every movie segment are a key feature of “Svengoolie,” along with awful jokes, product promotions and special guests. “Television critics used to always scoff at movies like this,” Svengoolie later complains. We can not only embrace “Gargoyles” but the even lower-budgeted “Svengoolie” as well. This Saturday? “No gargoyles” Svengoolie assures us, “but definitely some chickens.

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