WarnerMedia, the corporate umbrella for HBO, Warner Bros., and the Turner family of cable channels, is reportedly planning to launch its own subscription-based streaming service next year in a bid to directly challenge Disney, Netflix, Amazon, and other entrants in the video on-demand space. It’s not known whether the new service would feature original programming, but there’s certainly an extensive back catalog of franchises WarnerMedia can call upon if new content is part of the plan. One big question may be how the new service approaches Warner Bros.’ lineup of DC movies, now that those films have found a streaming home on DC Universe, which WarnerMedia also owns. There’s no early word on how the platform might be priced, nor on how WarnerMedia can successfully negotiate its way through the huge number of existing cable agreements that give third-party networks the rights to feature many of the movies that may one day find a home on the new service. CEO John Stankey reportedly indicated WarnerMedia will try to strike a balance between promoting such content on the new platform and protecting its distribution relationship with conventional cable distributors. Should hand him the keys to his own streaming service, too? Assuming the new service does end up offering exclusive original content from your favorite Warner Bros.

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