Compiling the best sci-fi movies is a challenging and eclectic task. Please note those, that these are the best sci-fi movies right now, not necessarily the most historically important ones. The movie: Potentially Terry Gilliam’s best film, Twelve Monkeys is a masterpiece of visual design and thoughtful, character-driven ambiguity. The movie: The strength behind Ex Machina’s ‘man makes human robot’ story isn’t the sci-fi trappings behind the conceit, because that’s relatively staid and downplayed. Adapting a short story by Arthur C. Clarke, Stanley Kubrick delivers one of the most iconic and influential sci-fi movies of all time, breaking down the barriers between lofty, cerebral sci-fi and more accessible mainstream fare. The movie: Messing with Dinosaur DNA and hiring incompetent IT staff was never going to end well, but at least it makes for a cracking movie. Continue to Page 2 for more of the best sci-fi movies.

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