Science fiction often has a wide spectrum for what can be considered a sci-fi movie. There are several different types of sci-fi movies, but many are based in a future with technological advancements, change elements of reality, and often give a warning about what the future could hold. Sci-fi books and movies both tend to ask the “What if?” question and revolve around elements like time travel, alternate dimensions, and telepathy. Star Wars, for example, is often called a sci-fi series, but those movies are actually in the fantasy genre. Science fiction movies have had a long run at the box office from earlier movies like Georges Méliès 1902 Le Voyage dans la Lune translated to A Trip to the Moon, which is often considered the very first sci-fi movie ever made. While there are dozens of sci-fi movies that come out each year, not all of them are considered good films. Some of the greatest sci-fi movies flopped at the box office, but are regarded as excellent examples of science fiction.

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