Sex scenes are no walk in the park, and when you’re dropping your clothes with a near-stranger, things are bound to get a little uncomfortable. Period drama The Tudors was known for its raunchy sex scenes, but shooting them wasn’t as steamy as one might guess. Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal shared a fair amount of sex scenes in Love & Other Drugs, including one where she accidentally gets naked in front of Gyllenhaal’s friend. “So in the scene she’s sitting there, and I take her top off, I take her bra off, and she has those pasties on, but she’s drawn these adorable little smiley faces on them. And I forget every line in the scene. Not just from this movie, from every movie I’ve done,” Reynolds said. While shooting an intimate sex scene that’s now near-infamous, Allison Williams was desperate to make it as comfortable as possible for her partner: “I grabbed the makeup girl and said,”I want to smell like a cake,” so we put vanilla cream everywhere so everything smells good. Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Superbad. The famous McLovin was only 17 years old while shooting this crass teen sex comedy, so a parent was required to be on set for his sex scene, which evidently was not fun for either of them. Robert Pattinson has never shied away from sex scenes, real as they might get, but things did get a little steamy while shooting with Julianne Moore.

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