Taking to Twitter as they so often do, viewers made themselves heard, blasting the company for changing the name of The Defenders Facebook page and giving the show the axe. Netflix just rebranded its Marvel’s Defenders Facebook page as a page for all superhero and scifi shows on Netflix and people simply LOVED that decision pic. Netflix removed all existing Defenders content, so it’s not even a rebrand, it’s erasing the existence and purpose of the original page. PhillyD are you going to cover this BS Netflix is pulling with the Netflix Marvel Defenders Facebook page? So apparently Netflix renamed their Defenders Facebook page as “NX” which is to promote their sci-fi shows and movies so I guess we can’t expect Defenders season 2 anytime soon. Netflix has yet to release a statement on all this, but from what we understand, issues with scheduling, not to mention those mediocre reviews, appear to have sunk the titular team before they even truly got a chance to cement their place on on the streaming site. Whatever the case may be, it seems The Defenders will always be remembered as a one-off special, as Netflix now starts focusing its energies on new installments of The Punisher, Jessica Jones and Daredevil, the latter of which is expected to return before the year’s end.

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