We didn’t say his name, but you thought of him: Predator. As far as villainous aliens with a knack for hunting and killing humans for fun go, Predator absolutely owns. The Predator movies are some of the most well-known sci-fi action movies, but science fiction has long been a popular genre across media platforms. Not that we’re complaining; where would society be without cult classics like Blade Runner, or devoted Trekkies, who basically invented an entirely new culture? Sci-fi lovers are a passionate lot, so it’s only natural that the movie Predator developed over three decades into a film franchise full of action, drama, and wondering what kind of workout plan an extraterrestrial is on to look like he should be competing in a strongman competition. The Predator will star a gaggle of celebrities, including Olivia Munn, Sterling K. Brown, and Jacob Tremblay, who will inevitably scream and run from the newly evolved homicidal species hell-bent on killing them. We miss the old Predator; straight from the go Predator; chop up the soul Predator. So before we dawn our limited-edition, collectors item Predator helmets and pray to a higher power that Moviepass will still be viable on Sept. 14, let’s remember all the films that got us this far.

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