For more proof, ask yourself why there isn’t anyone showing a new episode of The Running Man show, with pro wrestler Professor Tanaka hunting down Arnold Schwarzenegger? According to the 1987 movie, that run-for-your-life reality series was going to be must-see TV in 2017. Yeah, some movies were a little premature in their grim predictions of all-out environmental apocalypse and worldwide political collapse. Really, a lot of the things Hollywood has gotten right – well, they’re nothing to be happy about. As for the patriarchal, birth-first fascism of The Handmaid’s Tale – well, the unspecified “Near future” that little dystopia is set in seems nearer every day. So although old Hollywood’s version of our present is usually negative and often wrong – really, where are all those flying cars? – occasionally it gets things right. Seriously, a real, global space force made up of international and interplanetary colleagues working together to spread peace and advance knowledge? That actually sounds OK, even if their clunky communicators do look pretty sad next to a new iPhone. Knowing what we do, we should still be able to rewrite at least a little bit of the future.

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