Here are your options on this Friday 24 August…. Men in Black – Film 4 – 6.55pm. Will Smith brings the charisma, Tommy Lee Jones brings the curmudgeonly charm and aliens walk the earth in this 1997 sci-fi comedy. Spectre – ITV 2 – 9pm. With the news that Danny Boyle has left the next James Bond film due to the dreaded creative differences, why not revisit Daniel Craig’s tricky previous outing in the suit? Christoph Waltz chews the scenery as the plot gets more and more complicated, while Dave Bautista steals the show as a mute henchman throwback to Bond movies of yore. Trumbo was famously blacklisted by the film industry in 1947 for refusing to testify against communists. The Fury – Film 4 – 11.15pm. A chilling late 70s supernatural horror from Brian De Palma, The Fury boasts a tremendous era-centric cast and scares aplenty. Still, nobody does suspense quite like De Palma, and Michael Caine nailed one of his most iconic roles here. This really could be one of the best films of 2018…Say hello to our little friend… hit PLAY!This really could be one of the best films of 2018….

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