School’s out for summer and, even with part-time jobs and summer classes, that means a lot of free time for most of us. A sequel to the now over 30-year-old cult classic “Blade Runner,” “Blade Runner 2049” is one of, if not the best sci-fi movies in recent memory. “Blade Runner 2049” and its predecessor are far from the same film; however, they still feel connected and integral to each other, as all entries in a good series should feel. After bonding over ramen and a campfire, the two girls feel the sparks of a friendship which Nadeshiko eagerly fans as Rin keeps her distance. Breathtaking animation, an extremely emotional story and a standout protagonist are just a few of the reasons to pick up “Violet Evergarden” over the summer. From the stoner kid who may, or may not be, a scapegoat to elaborate ways that last year’s summer camp and a house party connect to every potential culprit’s motive, this series will keep you guessing till the final episode. All in all, season four still struggles with the same issues as past seasons, but if you can handle the extremely cheesy moments, it’s an easy watch, and a solid show to binge over the summer.

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