Starting on Thursday, users can watch 30-second previews of TV shows and movies in Netflix’s iOS app. Previews are located at the top of the screen when you launch the Netflix iOS app. While Instagram/Snapchat Stories serve as a way for users to communicate with their friends, there isn’t a social element to Netflix’s 30-second previews. The previews show as a slideshow so that users can tap or swipe the screen to continue on to the next preview. Netflix added video previews to its TV platform last year. The move comes as Netflix just booked its strongest-ever revenue growth since the streaming service launched in 1997.HAS NETFLIX HAD A PRICE-HIKE? In October, Netflix shocked UK users when it sent an email informing them of a price increase that raised users’ monthly cost as much as 10 per cent. Netflix began charging £7.99 per month instead of £7.49 for a plan that includes HD and allows people to simultaneously watch programs on two different devices.

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