AUSTIN, Texas-Make no mistake, South by Southwest conference film darling Prospect takes place within a giant, intergalactic reality. Nothing could happen from here and Prospect would still be worth watching for an hour-and-change of ambience and aesthetic alone. Prospect instead succeeds by tossing much of its thought-out big picture away and relegating the rest to background. Prospect takes on a distinct Western vibe from here, becoming an adventure tale filled with colorful characters, otherworldly dialects, and ample close encounters. Prospect thrives more as a character-study due to the strength of its performances. “We maybe were a bit naive in the conception of this, putting the entire film on the shoulders of a teenage girl,” Chris Caldwell, Prospect co-writer/director, tells Ars. Prospect continues to play the festival circuit with no VOD or wide-release announcements available at this time.

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