“ACRIMONY” 1.5 STARS. This Tyler Perry movie works for a while as a story of a woman scorned, but eventually becomes so ridiculous it undermines all that has come before. MC, RF]. “BLACK PANTHER” 3 STARS. Because it values story over superhero battles-but still has some amazing battles-this origin story of Marvel’s most fully realized black hero is a refreshing walk in Wakanda. MC, RF]. “PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING” 2.25 STARS. A sequel that almost nobody wanted, this is a pale follow-up to the original, though those who liked the big-robot action of the first will probably enjoy it just as well the second time around. PV, RF]. “READY PLAYER ONE” 2.5 STARS. This Steven Spielberg-directed movie plays out mainly in an eye-popping CGI world called the OASIS, brilliantly portrayed on film. Rated PG-13 for sequences of sci-fi action violence, bloody images, some suggestive material, partial nudity and language. MC, PV, RF]. “SHERLOCK GNOMES” 2 STARS. This pun-filled animated film that that mixes Sherlock Holmes with the unseen world of garden gnomes isn’t as fun or as funny as the trailers would have you believe. RF]. “A WRINKLE IN TIME” 1.75 STARS. Despite its good intentions and its basis in a much-loved science fantasy novel, this movie is a joyless tale that doesn’t work.

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